CymFlex™ Tone Control Cymbal Washers

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CymFlex™ Tone Control Cymbal WashersStress Management for your Cymbals. CymFlex improve the life & performance of your cymbals. Helps your felts work better & last longer too. Use between top felt & wing-nut or use below bottom felt. Or, both at the same time. Each pack contains 4 washers. That's enough for use on 4 separate cymbals or for 2 cymbals if used in pairs with one above & one below on each cymbal at the same time.

$6.49 (4 per pack)

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Awesome Exclusive Features & Benefits:

Checkmark Bullet Point IconBetter cymbal sound
         - Spreads wing-nut pressure evenly
         - Bell vibrations flow more naturally
Checkmark Bullet Point IconLess cymbal damage
         - reduces risk of center-hole cracks
         - custom flex to individual cymbal shape
Checkmark Bullet Point IconSave money
         - on felts & get longer cymbal life too
Checkmark Bullet Point IconFlexible
Checkmark Bullet Point IconTough
Checkmark Bullet Point IconRust-Proof
Checkmark Bullet Point IconCool blue color, matches blue ColorNutz


Use it on:

  • Cymbals

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