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new  MagTune™ - Dual-Power Magnetic Drum Key

MagTune™ magnetic drum tuning key, with:

  • 2 Powerful Neodymium magnets
  • 4 "Mag-Points" (open magnetic poles)
  • Stylish looks - silver logo on tuxedo black polymer jacket over chromed metal
  • Finger grip grooves
  • Key-ring / lanyard link hole
Grabs & holds onto any ferrous metal surface — fast & easy — such as; drum stands, cymbal stands, drum rims/hoops (not some diecast hoops), drum thrones, mic stands, Gibraltar racks, beer bottle caps, refrigerators & much more ...

100's of handy storage locations. Most convenient drum key EVER!

Made in USA from imported & domestic parts.

(Price includes US domestic shipping)

new  SizzleARM™

SizzleARM™ expands our range of affordable & highly effective cymbal sizzlers that started with the SizzlerPRO™. Each produces a different sound. The patent pending SizzleARM features 2 adjustable length chains that extend down from above onto different parts of the cymbal. With easy length adjustment of each individual chain, you can achieve fine control of the sound.

"Off Switch": it's not an actual switch, but a drumstick can be used to flip the chains up so they wrap around the arm & no longer touch the cymbal. Just flip them back to sizzle again. (Takes a bit of practice).

For use on 8 millimeter (M8) cymbal stands, common size. NOT intended to fit around plastic symbal sleeves. To install, press down & turn onto the stand threads until it feels secure. Made In USA. More details & photos will be added soon.

The SizzleARM was designed in collaboration with the Spinbal inventor. So, it works great with spinning cymbals!

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new  Combo Deal » SizzleARM™ + Spinbal™ Bundle

This combo deal combines 2 great products that work perfectly together. In fact, the SizzleARM was designed in collaboration with the Spinbal inventor. Please see above for SizzleARM & below for Spinbal details.

Out of Stock

 Spinbal - the cymbal spinner™

Spinbal™ cymbal spinner is a cool & fun new cymbal accessory. Spinbal was invented by our good friends at Neue Gestalt LLC & is distributed by Maxonix.

Let your cymbals resonate the way they were meant to. The Spinbal cymbal spinner creates a randomized circular motion in the way your cymbal resonates, allowing maximum resonation and therefore more enhanced all-around cymbal sound. A typical cymbal felt limits the cymbal motion to a back and forth swaying motion, which reduces your cymbal's ability to be fully articulate & resonate properly.

You not only hear a difference in your cymbal hits, but see it as well. For use on 8 millimeter (M8) cymbal stands. Made In USA. More details & images will be added to this site soon.

Works GREAT with our SizzleARM (see above).


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SizzlerPRO™ is a revolutionary – patent pending – affordable cymbal sizzler sound effect:

  • Fast On/Off
  • Easy Adjustable Chain Length – No Cuts
  • Tone Mods – chain Loop or 2-Tails
  • Add More Chains – up to 4 (not included)
  • Mix Chain Sizes
  • Affordable FX
For use on 8 millimeter (M8) cymbal stands, common size. NOT intended to fit around plastic symbal sleeves. Made In USA. Click More Info button to see more photos & details.


Finally, a way for drummers to truly customize, personalize & improve their pedals. This drum Pedal Grip™ kit is big enough to fully cover the top, or bottom, of a pedal, OR partly cover multiple pedals.

UNIVERSAL - for all brands & types of pedals; Kick/Bass Drum pedal, Hi-Hat, e-Trigger & More.

Use scissors to create the perfect custom grip of your dreams. Grip material is comfortable, textured, resilient polymer, not gritty sandpaper.

Full 12”x4” XL sheet + Bonus time-saving pre-cut oval for heel grip (or any other area). Made In USA. See product detail page for more info...

“It’s like steroids on my feet, I love it!!” — Jordan Jensen, Dark Sermon


The StickARK™ is a patent pending Kick Mount 4x drumstick holder with innovative design that's easy, affordable & very effective!

Click the More Info button to see more photos & details about this cool new holder.

The price includes FREE shipping! *(US only). International orders cost extra. Please go to the StickARK product detail page (click the "More Info" button) for more information & to place international orders, using the special international order button.

“Works great!” — Derek Roddy

$24.99 (Free US ship)
(see More_Info for International.)

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The Zero-G® Anti-Gravity Drumstick Holder™ is a Patent-Pending new concept in drum stick holders that gives drummers more unique & creative choices of where to put spare drum sticks strategicly around their kit for faster, more comfortable & more natural stick retrieval. NEW: v2 now with improved replaceable stick clips!

“They're GREAT! They never let me down.” — Tommy Lee – Mötley Crüe
“I love it, I want more... six more” — Ray Luzier – KoRn

See detail page for
more info & ordering...

A simple, safe & affordable way to unleash new sounds from any cymbals; hi-hat, crash, ride... & drums too! Get that happy new cymbal feeling for less $'s. Add new dimensions, sonic textures & tonal color to your sound — by upgrading your favorite sticks to make them even better with cymTone™ Rings:

  • Easy to add
  • Instant Results
  • Create unique sounds
  • Fits all sticks size 5A & thicker
  • Get double impact FX
Click the More Info button to see more photos & details about this product.

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Universal fit adhesive back holder clips that instantly turn any smooth surface into a convenient storage location for spare drum keys.

$9.99 (2-pack)

Fast & ergonomic low-profile cymbal nuts with a modern look. Click the "More Info..." button to learn more about this innovative product.

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Use above & below cymbals. Place between wing-nut & top felt (above cymbal) to more evenly distribute wing-nut pressure over a wider area of cymbal bell. Gives you better control of cymbal tone, plus, prolongs cymbal life by reducing possibility of center-hole cracks, and makes felts last longer too. AND, place under bottom felt below cymbal for a better flex-fit than metal or hard-plastic washers. The CymFlex will adapt better to the unique shape of each cymbal bell's underside curve & gently flex with movement & vibration during playing to allow your cymbals' tone to project better.

$6.49 (4-pack)

Out of Stock - Please buy from Stores

ColorNutZ™ - hi-tech cymbal wing-nuts. Standard M8 thread size. They're:

  • Quiet (great for recording!)
  • Light
  • Fun
  • Affordable
  • Cymbal-Safe
  • Super Tough
  • Available in a variety of fun colors ...


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 DIY Drumstick Clips

With these DIY drumstick clips, you'll be able to add affordable stick storage almost anywhere; under drum thrones, inside drum case lids, on the side of PA cabinets.

Collect drumsticks & like to make stuff ?  With our DIY stick clips, you can design your own custom drumstick collectors racks, displays, picture frames for mounted sticks & stylish shadow boxes (add LED edge lights for the ultimate look).

Check back to see more photos of these clips in action, tips for modifications & various application examples (when the detail page for these gets created).


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CableKEY™ Guitar Strap Cable Manager. Yes, that's right, a product for guitarists!

CableKEY™ safely locks your guitar cable to your strap, to protect the cable, your guitar, AND your performance from damage.

$10.99 (2-pack)

 Merch - Maxonix Stickers

Maxonix® stickers in 2 styles, rectangle & oval. These are small but tough stickers. Printed on weatherproof vinyl, with high quality UV-cured inks, which are scratch-resistant & fade-resistant. When applied properly to a clean, dry, smooth surface, our stickers are there to stay.

The stylish oval stickers feature our cool new "MX" symbol in a radiating half-tone dot pattern behind the Maxonix name. Sizes: rectangle = 4.25 x 1.375" (107x35mm) & oval = 4.125 x 2.625" (105x68mm).

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 Merch - Maxonix T-Shirts

COMING SOON. Maxonix T-Shirts are back & better than ever. We've got 'em & they'll be here whenever we have time to update this page.

They feature our cool new "MX" symbol in a radiating half-tone dot pattern behind the Maxonix name. Plus, the shirts will come in your choice of dark heather gray blend or solid platinum-shadow-gray. They're both modern, soft, lightweight fabric weaves for the ultimate in comfort while you're performing on stage or relaxing at home.