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Maxonix® - Provides Custom Equipment for KoRn on Tour

KoRn, the multi-platinum, grammy award winning (6 nominations, 2 wins) band, is using Maxonix products for their 2010 tour. Both drummer Ray Luzier & singer Jonathan Davis are using the Zero-G™ Anti-Gravity drumstick holder™.

In case you're wondering why a singer would also need a drumstick holder — Jonathan grabs a stick from a Zero-G™ stick holder that's positioned on the front side of the drum rig & drums along with Ray during extra high-energy moments.

In addition to using the Maxonix Zero-G™ stick holder, Ray also uses our GigTrix™ drum key clip.

Ray started out using just 1 Zero-G™, then contacted us & said, "I love it, I want more!...  6 more".  For a peek at the custom tour setup we created for Ray & KoRn, click the pictures on this page.

Ray is an amazing drummer who puts on a great show. Part of his highly entertaining showmanship includes throwing his sticks up in the air & out to the audience a lot, all while keeping a ferocious precise groove going flawlessly. We're very happy to be working with Ray & the entire KoRn crew!

Catch them on tour & check out their new CD. Visit these links for more info:

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The Ayotte Drum Company needed special retail displays to promote their drumstick models & re-introduce these popular classics to the market - one size for maple stick models & another size for all the hickory models.

Having seen the standard Maxonix patent pending customizable drumstick wall displays, they contacted us & asked if we could produce a run of expanded models, just for them, including custom printing. Since the Maxonix design is fully modular & we have in-house pad-printing capabilities, we were able to say, "yes, we can."
Now Ayotte has a unique way to help their dealers promote & display Ayotte sticks that makes them stand out from the crowd. (Picture above is from Winter NAMM 2013).


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