cymTone™ Drumstick Impact Rings

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A simple, safe & affordable way to unleash new sounds from any cymbals; hi-hat, crash, ride... & drums too! Get that happy new cymbal feeling, without the big new cymbal price tag.

A quick & easy way to enhance your playing. Add new dimensions, sonic textures & tonal color to your sound — by upgrading your favorite sticks to make them even better, with cymTone™ Rings.   ...Read on for more information below...

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Exclusive Features:

Checkmark Bullet Point IconKeep using your favorite sticks
Checkmark Bullet Point IconEasy to add
Checkmark Bullet Point IconInstant Results
Checkmark Bullet Point IconCreate unique sounds
Checkmark Bullet Point IconGet double impact FX
Checkmark Bullet Point IconFits all sticks size 5A & thicker
Checkmark Bullet Point IconNon-marking
Checkmark Bullet Point IconGlow under black light


1) Hitting cymTone rings against the sharp edges of cymbals may damage & cut the rings. For best results & long product life, impacts against the upper surface of cymbals are recommended -- basicly, anywhere except the edges.

2) Not recommended for use on sticks thinner than 5A, such as 7A sticks, since the rings may not hold firmly onto the stick.


Note About Price:
I had originally hoped to offer the cymTone rings at a lower price, but to make the best quality & best performing product, during development I discovered that we needed to use a custom polymer material, custom size & a custom color.  All those "custom" factors made it more expensive to produce than envisioned. But, I hope everyone will appreciate the high quality results. (Also, prices on this website have to factor in the shipping costs too). Thanks for your understanding & support.

— Graham, CEO, Maxonix