QwikSpin™ Cymbal Nuts

Maxonix QwikSpin Cymbal Nuts
"I am loving the QwikSpins…
absolutely the fastest & actually cut
a major chunk out of my cymbal
set up/tear down time!"

— Felipe "Diablo" Torres -
 The Monkees, Carmine Appice's
 SLAMM!!,  Davy Jones, In Musth...

"They really are faster"
— John Spinelli - B.O.S.S.,

"I love these things!!"
— Jovan Dawkins -
 Sir Mix Alot, Jimmy Fisher,
 Contagious Praise & E40

Drum Techs

Pro drum techs love our QwikSpin™ cymbal nuts. They know that time is money - on tour & in the studio. Faster is better. When you're on tour, loading in & out every day, speed, weight & size of gear makes a difference. That's why the QwikSpins' fast operation, low weight & compact size are popular with pro drum techs.

QwikSpin™ Cymbal Nuts – New! fast & ergonomic low-profile cymbal nut with a modern look. Save time, less hassle. Replace cumbersome old-fashion wing nuts with our streamlined better alternative. Available in standard M8 size (the M6 size, for older stands, is not carried anymore).

Patented construction.

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Exclusive Features:

Checkmark Bullet Point Icon Faster On / Faster Off
Checkmark Bullet Point Icon Easy-grip shape w grip ridges
Checkmark Bullet Point Icon Low Profile
         • better bell access
         • great for crowded cymbal setups
         • less bulk to carry
         • improved view
Checkmark Bullet Point IconIntegrated internal shock rings
         • resists loosening
         • reduced vibration noise
Checkmark Bullet Point IconEZ-Find, dual-sided high visibility
         • easier to find in dim light, like a stage
Checkmark Bullet Point IconBetter cymbal sound - "Fat Bottom"
         • for more even felt pressure.
Checkmark Bullet Point IconPrecise durable metal threads
Checkmark Bullet Point IconLight weight
Checkmark Bullet Point IconModern Look

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