StickARK™ Kick Mount Drumstick Holder

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"sticks at your fingertips... simple but ingeneous... convenient, ergonomic... comfortable and natural"
— DRUM magazine
"super convenient" ... "it's pretty much a no-brainer purchase"
— Modern Drummer magazine
"The StickARK works great!"
— Derek Roddy - Serpent's Rise,
Hate Eternal, Nile,
Malevolent Creation ...
"it's amazing!!!"
— Tommy Lee - Motley Crue
"Cool idea, every drummer needs this!"
— Jordan Jensen - Dark Sermon
"The new StickARK is sweet man!!!!"
— Daru Jones - Jack White,
 The Ruff Pack
" What an elegant way to mount the
  holder - very cool!"
— Bill Feldman - Independent

When you need a fresh stick due to a break, style change, drop, or to replace sticks you throw to fans, StickARK™ makes it fast & easy ... so you can stay smooth & keep the groove.

This kick drum mounted drumstick holder has an innovative design that's easy, affordable & very effective!

The top of a kick drum (bass drum) is the first place drummers naturally want to put their sticks. Now, thanks to StickARK, drummers can keep 4 sticks lined up in perfect order. There's more; thanks to the StickARK's extreme flexibility, it can also hold brushes, bundles & other unusually shaped percussion items.

Measurement/fit: note for small or unusual bass drums — minimum space needed between the tension rods is 6 ¾ inches (170mm). In other words, the StickARK will fit on your small bass drum (like a 18 or 16 inch) if you have 6 ¾ inches (170mm) or more space between the tension rods. But, more than 10 ½ inches (265mm) is too much.

Like all our products, StickARK is Made in USA.

StickARK™ Kick Mount Drumstick Holder (StealthGray) – a patented new concept in drumstick holders that perfectly positions 4 sticks on your kick drum. Read on to learn more about this amazing new "must have" drum accessory product...

U.S. Orders $24.99   
+ FREE US Shipping

Due to high demand, StickARKs are on backorder status at the moment. Maxonix products are made in-house in small batches – artisanally hand crafted, as the saying goes. Estimated time-frame is in about 4-5 weeks, plus shipping time.
Orders received after May 25, 2024 will be considered as "pre-orders" for items in the next batch. If there's any additional delay, you'll be contacted and given the option of getting a full refund. Please contact us if you have any questions.

International Orders $39.99 + FREE Shipping

The 1st StickARK is $39.99 including shipping. Additional StickARKs (2, 3, 4, etc) may be added to your international order using the lower cost U.S. price button above. So you get a quantity discount.

View or download pdf docs:

Info  StickARK Owner's Manual

Use it on:
  • Kick/Bass drum
     - top
     - side
     - front
     - back
     - in pairs

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Fitsinstantly adapts to all popular stick sizes, from 7A to XXL marching sticks + brushes, bundles, rods & more
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Fast closer than reaching down for a stick bag or tube type holder
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Accuratesticks stay lined up in order
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Quietstops stick rattle
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Simpleto attach, no tools needed, not even a drum key
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Easyto grab sticks, with wide spacing between sticks
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Custom Fitforms a perfect fit on all standard 8-10 lug kick drums
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Workson 18", 20", 22", and 24" bass drum sizes( + 10-lug 26" drums)
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Dual Locking Wingsdoubly secure
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Shock Mountedfor stability
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  • for drum & sticks
  • No metal edges to scratch your finish
  • No adhesive
  • Easily remove & change locations
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transport & instant setup, even in a case
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Made in USA