Zero-G™ Anti-Gravity Drumstick Holder

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“They're GREAT! They never let me down”
— Tommy Lee - Mötley Crüe

“Best drumstick holder ever“
— John Blackwell - Prince, Justin
 Timberlake, P-Diddy ...

“I love it, I want more”
— Ray Luzier - KoRn, Army of Anyone,
 David Lee Roth ...

“Works like a charm. Nice!
     & Looks good on your kit”
— Daru Jones - Jack White,
 Iggy Azalea, The Ruff Pack...

“ much fun“
— DRUM! Magazine

“The Zero-G is awesome!“
— Derek “One-Take“ Roddy - Serpent's
 Rise, Hate Eternal, Nile,
 Malevolent Creation ...

“Very convenient“
— Casey Grillo - Kamelot

“WOW, this is really cool! “
— Artimus Pyle - Lynyrd Skynyrd,
 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

“I never gig without it“
— Felipe “Diablo“ Torres -
 The Monkees, Carmine Appice's
 SLAMM!!,  Davy Jones, In Musth...

“Fastest way to grab a stick“
— Andy Selway - KMFDM, Pig,
 Spittin’ Cobras ...

“Works great!“
— John Spinelli - Big Brother,

Innovative Design:

Fits - holds all standard stick sizes &
many more
Fast - keep sticks closer to where you
need them
Easy - 360° hold gives you more choice
Quiet - stops stick rattle
Adaptable - 4-Axis adjustment
Flexible - adjusts to grip & hold different
contours along a stick
  • 2 different stick sizes at once
  • no need to center sticks in holder
  • sticks can point in opposite directions
Safe - strong steel bracket with heavy-duty
gripper pad grabs & stays


Bonus! Holds condenser mics. Point the mics in the same or opposite directions. Integrated shock mounting helps isolate the mics. Saves you the hassle of buying, carrying & setting up a mic stand that clutters up your drum set.

Zero-G™ Anti-Gravity Drumstick Holder (v2) – is a patented new concept in drumstick holders that gives you the freedom & control to position spare sticks in new ways & grab 'em from radical new directions that fit into your personal playing style - for a better, smoother performance.

Zero-G has appeared on the Grammy Awards, Late Night with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, at The Royal Albert Hall & on tour with top artists around the world.

v2 – with improved stick clips!
Tougher, grippier & replaceable.

    ( Extra clip set included )

Artisanal Hand Crafted in USA
in small batches for best quality.
Pre-Order to be included in next:

    * LIFETIME WARRANTY on Clips *

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View pdf docs:

   Info  Zero-G 1-page brochure

   Info  Zero-G Manual

Use it on:

  • Hi-Hat stands
  • Cymbal stands & boom arms
  • Drum Hoops/Rims
   (snare, toms, floor toms, timbales, etc.)
  • Kick/Bass drum hoops
  • Drum stands (all common sizes)
  • Drum racks
   (incl. DW, PDP & Gibraltar brands)
  • Stand legs (incl. double braced legs)
  • Floor Tom legs
  • Sheet music holder top or stand
  • Mic stands & booms
  • Suspension mount hdwr (some)
  • Table edges
  • and much more...


Exclusive Features:

Checkmark Bullet Point Icon FlexiGrip-Clips
        • holds all standard stick sizes & more.
Checkmark Bullet Point Icon Multi-Zone bracket pad system
         • goes more places
            » just flip it - "V-Groove" or Flat side
               for different surfaces.
Checkmark Bullet Point Icon GelGrip-RotoTip
         • excellent hold
         • smooth action
         • shock mount
         • non-marking
         • won’t back out from vibration.
Checkmark Bullet Point Icon Shock Mount
         • 3-stage fully integrated system.